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Study medicine and other sciences in Russia

The great importance of higher education in modern time world is beyond all doubts. The Diploma and degrees of higher education means the ticket to more successful and eventful future. It is especially actual in XXI century, when technologies development and globalization processes in society require large number of qualified specialists.

IStudy medicine and other sciences in Russiat is not a secret that modern human civilization needs a lot of young, educated and creative people with sensible view and global understanding of things. All these qualities you gain in studying process, getting theoretical base and having practice under the guidance of experienced teachers. The importance of higher education can be judged from the way it benefits a person financially, emotionally, socially, as well as intellectually. Well known, that people who are well educated and well paid, are more likely to live fulfilled lives. They make better partners, parents and employees. They believe in following the societal norms and seldom indulge in anti-social behavior. Educated people are more tolerant of other people, and thus, help in keeping the society peaceful.  

Study medicine and other sciences in Russia

 Study medicine and other sciences in Russia In Russia, education has always been subject of special emphasis, as it is the educated people that make up the true wealth of the country. The high rate of education secures national growth and integration of the country into the new global community. Over six hundred state higher education establishments are operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. They prepare students in more than five hundred specialities in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Humanities. The development of the educational sphere, of which training the specialists from abroad is an important part, is one of the top priorities of the Russian government. At present, there are about 110,000 international students from over 120 countries studying in Russia. Being one of the world’s leaders in educational standards, Russia fulfills its humanitarian mission by giving young people from all over the world an opportunity to acquire high-class education. Scholarships and free education are also granted to exceptional talented students from all over the world   The Russian education is affordable for families of small or moderate income. That’s how Russian contribution helps the developing nations to flourish and develop with confidence. There are many specialists now working in such prestigious organizations as- NASA, ISRO, HAL, in various hospitals, universities, governments, who received their degrees from Russian Federations. All degrees and diplomas, earned from Russian universities and Institutes are recognized by UNO, UNESCO, WHO and by local governments of all countries.
Study medicine in Russia, or any other science - means to be an specialists in their field.

Every year our organization “EduRu” provides scholarships to many students who are economically not self sufficient to pay their Fees to obtain higher education.

Study medicine and other sciences in Russia

We, at “EduRu”, with great enthusiasm  invite you to study in the largest country of the globe, where  many great scientists and discoverers, Nobel Prize winners, outstanding doctors, sportsmen, architects, actors, world-famous painters, authors and poets were born, to the country where sympathetic and kindhearted people of more than 160 nationalities, who are warmly welcoming their guests at any time, live in peace and harmony.

While studying in a Russian university, you will be able to make new friends from Russia and other countries. These personal links will ensure close relations in the economic and cultural fields between Russia, your country and the rest of the world, which further will ensure successful cooperation and global development in all spheres of life. Beside that, we also assist Russian students, who wish to study abroad in the university of their dreams in any country.

The professional education specialists of the  “EduRu” organization will be glad to assist everyone of you ,who is interested in studying in Russia’s prestigious state universities. Your dream of obtaining excellent affordable higher education, will finally come true.
Study in Russia, make new friends, be happy!

Welcome to Russia!

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