About Bauman MSTU

Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman’ - National Research University of Engineering and Technology.

Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman was founded in 1830. It is the leading engineering university in Russia and very well known overseas.

The university offers bachelor's degree programs, master's degree programs, Ph.D. programs, pre-University programs, and internship in a wide range of engineering specialties like Fundamental sciences, Engineering Technologies, Special Machines, Power Plants, Electronics and Laser Technology, Biomedical Technologies, Computers and control systems, Engineering and Business Management, Robotics and Complex Automation, Social and Human Sciences etc.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is also a leading research center. It conducts fundamental research, development work, research and development for several Russian and foreign enterprises.

Foreign students can enrol in all the educational programs citizens. For non-Russian speaking applicants can enrol themselves in the preparatory courses. Internships are plenty and of different types and duration.

Currently, Bauman has about 750 foreign nationals from 24 countries.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is located in a picturesque part of old Moscow, not very far from the center of the city. It is a complex of buildings that are recognized as monuments of the XVIII-XX centuries. The University has a unique library, a museum with an extensive exhibition on the history of science and technology in Russia, an Exhibition Centre, a sports complex, cultural center and a network of canteens and cafeterias.

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