Belgorod State University

The Belgorod State University is one of the oldest Universities in Belgorod. The university is sparing no efforts in strengthening its position as a leading institution for research and educational services. As a result of its recent changes and improvements in all spheres, it has become a very attractive choice for foreign students pursuing higher education in Russia.
Currently, BSU has over 850 students from 67 countries across the world. Foreign students have been studying in this university since 1980 and deservedly the university has a very good reputation and is ranked very high amongst higher educational institutions across the world. In the past 30 years , over 4 thousand foreign students from 98 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have obtained higher education in BSU.
BSU has all facilities to provide high-quality education to its students.  It has well-equipped laboratories, modern computer labs, a huge research library and auditorium equipped with modern facilities. The university provides great opportunity for graduate, post-graduate and Doctorate studies in a wide range of fields.
The International Faculty at BSU provides preparatory courses to foreign students. The faculty has the most modern equipment and a staff of highly qualified teachers. As a result of BSU’s collaboration with Latin American -Russian Association for Higher Education and the support of the Ministry of Education, the International Faculty at BSU has received the status of base faculty for training students from Latin American countries.
Foreign students pursue the following fields of study in the international faculty:
Pre-University training in humanitarian, economic, technical, biological and medical sciences
Training in educational programs in collaboration with foreign universities
Short courses in Russian language
Bachelor's and Master's degree in ‘Philology’ (Russian as a foreign language)
Bachelor in International Relations
Today, the university is an international socio-cultural base. The campus brings together four dormitories accommodating over 3000 students from various countries. All foreign students live in comfortable dormitories and they have access to dance and fitness centers, chess club and student’s café. 
As part of its cooperation with international educational institutions, BSU has a mutually beneficial relationship with Chinese Universities. BSU offers more than 9 joint educational programs with leading foreign partners including Dalian University of Foreign Languages (since 2001), China Petroleum University (since 2006) and Dezhou University (since 2007).
Since 2007, BSU in collaboration with Dezhou University has been implementing a joint bachelor’s program ‘2+2’. The expansion of the activities of the Chinese Language and Culture Centre is an important part of the agreement between the universities.
Every year, up to 15 students are exchanged between BSU and the University of Bremen as part of BSU’s agreement of cooperation with the University of Bremen.
Since 2005, BSU has an agreement of cooperation with one of the largest language schools in Dublin – The Emerald Cultural Institute. This gives students of all faculties to improve their knowledge of foreign language especially English at the Emerald Cultural Institute. Over 100 students have visited Ireland and got introduced to the culture and traditions of this country.
In May 2009, the Ministry of Education and Science chose BSU for Shanghai Cooperation Organization University (SCO) where students of the SCO were to be trained in Nanotechnology, which will lead to an increase in the number of bachelors, masters and PhD students studying in this field. SCO University operates as a network of existing universities in the SCO member states (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan), as well as observer countries (Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan). Affiliation with it opens up new vistas for BSU’s students and scientists in academic mobility 
BSU has an agreement with York University in USA for double degree programs due to which BSU students have the opportunity of getting a degree from an American university in Human Resources, State and Municipal Management, Sociology etc.
BSU has implemented several measures to improve language skills of the teaching staff by organizing special courses in Ireland in the UK. There has been a significant rise in the number of teachers who now coach in English and BSU now has 10 courses including medicine and International Business in which students have the option of studying in English.
In order to attract students from foreign countries, BSU has participated in major international education exhibitions like GETEX 2011 in UAE, Education and Career 2011 in Kazakhstan and held road shows in three major cities in India
Through these efforts, the university has attracted over 40 students from India to pursue medicine in English at the BSU.
In a 2012 study across 103 public universities in Russia, BSU was ranked among the 30 best universities in the country. It is ranked 16th amongst national research universities. It was ranked in various parameters as follows:
Research and Development - 15th place
International Activities - 15th place
Learning and Teaching - 19th place
Transfer of Knowledge - 7th place
Interaction with the Region - 9th
Today, BSU is
•   More than 28,000 students from all 83 regions of the Russian
•   673 graduate students and 19 doctorate students
•   861 foreign students from 74 countries


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