Agreement with UrGEU

On September 25, 2012, EduRu signed an agreement of cooperation with the Ural State University of Economics

УрГЭУ встреча
In late September, Biplob Chandra Saha, Director for Students’ Affairs at EduRu met with the administration and the students of the Ural State University of Economics to sign an agreement of cooperation on behalf of EduRu. The University has very recently set up a Department of foreign territories to attract students for foreign territories and hence EduRu’s proposal to promote the University amongst foreign students was very timely.
Биплоб Саха Чандра
During his visit to the University, Biplob was taken on a tour of the University and had a great session of interaction with the students. The highlight of his visit was the signing of the agreement with the administration. Now, EduRu has officially been appointed as USUE’s partner and students from all over the world can get in touch with us to pursue their higher education at the Ural State University of Economics.
A small note about USUE 
 Ural State Economic University attracts students not only from the Ural region but also from other parts of Russia and other CIS countries. Many graduates of the University are very successful businessmen or Government officials today and take keen interest in the affairs of University.
The Ural State University of Economics is currently a major center for education in Russia which trains over 26,500 students.  Graduates in a variety of disciplines from the Ural State University of Economics are highly valued by employers and are very successful in their careers. 
The University has over 500 teaching staff of which there are 80 Doctors of Science, over 240 PhD holders, 2 Members of Russian Academy of Sciences, 7 Honored Scientists of Russia and 12 fully elected members of public academies. USUE is one of the few universities in the country, where most of the department heads are PhD holders. 


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