Autumn in St. Petersburg

In November 2012, the Managing Director of EduRu, Mr Gabelyuk Y N EduRu’s Director for Students’ Affairs, Mr Biplob Saha visited the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. During their two-day visit to the city they had discussions on partnership with four major Universities in the city.

Many students prefer pursuing higher education in Universities of St. Petersburg. The level of education is at par with the Universities in Moscow while the cost of living is comparatively much lower. Furthermore, St. Petersburg is famous for its theater, art, health, maritime universities and academies. Especially for students from the Baltic States, higher education in St. Petersburg is most attractive as it is close to home, the medium of education is the same and the quality of education is high. The universities themselves are keen on admitting students from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
As a result, the company managed to establish relationships with universities in St. Petersburg such as as the St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University (INZHEKONA), St. Petersburg State Medical University named after IP Pavlov, Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy and St. Petersburg State University of Water Communications.
Most Universities are going through a period of restructuring and mergers. On the orders of the Minister of Transportation - Maxim Sokolov, the St. Petersburg State Medical University named after IP Pavlov has been merged with the St. Petersburg State University of Water Communications. Despite these changes in the structure of these Universities, both institutions are keen to continue the partnership arrangement with EduRu and are willing to admit students from foreign countries through EduRu.
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