Aviation and Pilot Courses on a priority

This February, the officials of EduRu undertook yet another important trip to the great river Volga-this time to the city of Ulyanovsk. The purpose of this trip was to establish contacts with the two higher education institutions in the city - the Ulyanovsk State University and Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School.

The Managing Director of EdRu - Mr Y. N. Gabelyuk felt that it would be in the interests of EduRu to partner with Russian institutions imparting education in Aviation and Pilot Training courses since many foreign students have shown interest in obtaining education in these courses.

Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School is the oldest institution for training of Civil Aviation personnel in Russia.

In the past 11 years, Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School has added 2 new faculties and the number of departments has increased from 4 to 16. The school had 135 students in 1993 and today the number has gone up to 1356 students in all including part-timers, graduates and trainees.

Ulyanovsk State University is the newest University in the city and offers its students a wide range of specialties to choose from, has its own campus and actively participates in state research and development programs. The cost of pursuing education in Ulyanovsk State University is considerably lower than in similar universities located in larger cities of Russia.


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