EduRu in Angola

On April 22, employees of EduRu –Virginia Mavulanyane, a manager working with students from Africa and Latin America, and our individual agent Daniel Solo went to Angola to hold a series of conferences and take part in exhibitions.
This trip resulted in three conferences and one exhibition in Luanda, the capital of the country, as well as in one conference in the province of Cabinda. At the events, they handed out promotional materials and consulted on the questions in relation to education in Russia.
In total, 250 people attended the conference in both cities. Most people got really interested about studying in Russia, especially in the People's Friendship University, as higher education in Angola is much more expensive than in Russia.
According to the results, employees of EduRu evaluated their work in Africa as the most promising. Due to the close political and economic relations between Russia and African Republics, young people are positive about getting higher education in our country.
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