Ecological faculty

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  • founded in 1992
  • 514 students
  • 8 departments
  • 80 teachers, among them 15 academicians and corresponding members, 35 full professors and 31 PhDs.

Dean – Natalya Anatolyevna Chernykh, Doctor of biological sciences, professor.

At the Ecological faculty students have an opportunity not only to master general educational disciplines but also a whole range of special disciplines in the field of system ecology, human ecology, eco monitoring, eco systems management, eco expertise, radioecology and geoinformation technologies. Such intensive training makes graduates of the faculty very sought after for in the labour market.

Lectures are given by the leading foreign experts in international ecological projects and ecologists from international companies represented in the Russian market. Teachers of the faculty are involved in eco expertise of international companies as well as projects and programs on geoecology, ecology and ecosystem exploitation.

There is a Center for supplementary professional education with refresher courses «Forensic ecological expertise», «Expertise of labor conditions and environment», «Eco safety expert» etc.

The academic-research Center for radiation and ecological control and the department of forensic ecology organize refresher courses for employees of enterprises working with radiation sources «Radiation safety when working with radiation sources».

Main fields of research

General ecology, biosphere and natural resources. Ecological monitoring, protection and rational use of atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, flora and fauna. Forensic ecological expertise. Ecology of industrial and agricultural production, construction, power engineering and transport. Human ecology and social ecology. Ecological expertise and assessment of negative impact on the environment. Ecological audit and insurance. Ecological management. Ecological and economic basics of rational ecosystem exploitation.

Lines of study

Bachelor’s studies

 • Ecology and ecosystem exploitation

Master’s studies

• Ecosystem exploitation

• Ecosystem exploitation management

• Expertise of working conditions and environment

• Forensic ecological expertise

• Complex use of water resources

• Ecosystem exploitation ecological safety expertise

Postgraduate studies: 2 specialties 

1 Doctorate and PhD dissertation council

Forms of study: intramural, intra-extramural (evening), extramural, second degree courses

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