Engineering faculty

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• founded in 1961

• more than 2600 students

• 16 departments

• more than 240 teachers, among them 17 corresponding members and academicians of various academies of sciences, 46 full professors and 110 PhDs.

Dean – Nikolay Konstantinovich Ponomaryov, PhD (Engineering), associate professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The Engineering faculty has all the necessary pre-requisites for preparing high quality professionals. As participant of the «Education» national project the faculty got state-of-the-art equipment. The main aim of the Engineering faculty is to prepare specialists who apart from their major qualification could head enterprises and run businesses. Thus, students are given tuition discounts at second degree courses. The most popular fields are law, economics and ecology.

The Engineering faculty is polytechnical. Laboratories have the modern equipment allowing research on current problems of world and national architecture and town-building. Traditionally a lot of attention is paid to language training, students can obtain diplomas of interpreter-translator. Such specialists are in high demand in the labour market.

Main fields of research

Elaboration of methods and means of increasing vibration resistance of machines and equipment. Nature protection technologies, re-cycling and utilization of technogenic waste. Structural and petrochemical criteria of assessing metal bearing capacity of ultrabasite masses and accompanying gabbroids. Geologic and mineralogical mapping. Research of dynamic quality of attachment fittings of cutting blades of metal cutting instruments to improve the instrument precision, decrease roughness of processed items and increase instrument service life. Research of characteristics and application of thermo-stable composite materials with increased dispersion of vibration energy. Hydraulic safety and reliability of hydrotechnical constructions. Untraditional resumed ecologically clean sources of energy and new methods of its transformation and accumulation. Control processes. Artificial intellect, image recognition systems, taking decisions under conditions of multiple criteria. Automation systems, mathematical methods of research of complex control systems and processes, system analysis. Neuroinformatics. Global and integrated information and telecommunication systems and networks. Theory of traffic flows control on city roads. Genetic programming in control theory tasks. Modern methods of proportioning complex geometric configuration structures. New technologies of energy dissipation in culverts of different purposes. Increasing economic efficiency of water supply and water discharge in residential buildings.

Lines of studies

Bachelor’s studies

• Automation and control

• Architecture

• Geology and exploration of mineral deposits

• Mining

• Construction

• Technology, equipment and automation of machine building factories

• Power-plant engineering Master’s studies

• Architecture of residential and public buildings

• Geology, exploration of ore and non-ore deposits

• Geology, searching and exploring oil and gas deposits

• Steam and gas turbines

• Piston and combined engines

• River and underground hydrotechnical constructions

• System research in control tasks

• Theory and practice of organizational-technological and economic tasks in construction

• Theory and design of buildings and constructions

• Technology of automated machinery building

• Industrial organization and management

• Innovative technologies of subsurface management

• Mine surveying Specialties

• Economics and management at enterprises (trade-wise)

• Automobiles and motor industry

Postgraduate studies: 18 specialties 5 Doctorate and PhD dissertation councils Forms of study: intramural, intra-extramural (evening), extramural

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