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  • founded in 1997
  • more than 7000 graduate, postgraduate and doctoral students
  • 6 departments
  • around 300 professors, among them 9 full professors and 45 PhDs.

Director of IFL – Honorary scholar of RF higher professional education, PhD of philological sciences, professor, academician of IASPE Natalia Leonidovna Sokolova. Awarded with Peter the Great medal for merits in education, with gold medal of All-Russian Exhibition Centre «AREC prize-winner».

PFUR Institute of Foreign languages is one of the first innovative structures of the University. It has absorbed all the best, most stable and progressive features from Russian traditions and foreign educational technologies in linguistics, psychology, pedagogy and methodology, humanities and social and natural sciences, and keeps enriching this process with creative ideas of its own.

PFUR IFL diploma of bachelor’s or master’s degree in Linguistics and Social pedagogy is a pass to a full life, a guarantee of professional success to the Institute graduating students from Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland and other countries.

For its contribution to the national multi-ethnic culture and strengthening Russian statehood IFL was awarded the Lomonosov medal.

Main fields of research

Theory of communication: intercultural communication, text linguistics, speech etiquette, linguistics and new information technologies, foreign language teaching methods, psycho-pedagogical optimization of the process of teaching foreign languages, translation and translation studies, foreign language and professional communication sphere, scientific discourse and scientific communication culture issues. Theoretical basics and practical technologies of social pedagogy as social management. Russian language and culture of speech issues. History and humanities issues.

Current theoretical and practical issues in the field of natural-sciences and didactic technologies.

Lines of study

Bachelor’s studies

• Linguistics

Master’s studies

• Theory of communication and international public relations (PR)


• Social pedagogy

Postgraduate studies: 1 specialty

Forms of study: intramural, intra – extramural, second degree courses

The Institute implements a state program of supplementary professional education «Interpreter in the sphere of professional communication». The program is an on-going joint project of IFL and all the other faculties of PFUR.

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