MAI specialities


Aeronautical Engineering

  • Airplane and Helicopter Design (in Russian)
  • Airplane Design (in Russian)
  • Airplane and Helicopter Design (in english)
  • Ballistics and Aero-hydrodynamics (in Russian)

Flying Vehicles Engines

  • Aircraft Engines (in Russian)
  • Aircraft Engines (in english)
  • Metrology and Standardization Design of aircraft and rocket engines (in Russian)

Control Systems, Informatics & Electrical Engineering

  • Control in Engineering Systems (in Russian)
  • Software Engineering (in Russian)
  • Applied Informatics (in Russian)
  • Computer Science (in Russian)
  • Bioengineering Systems and Technologies (in Russian)
  • Aeronautical Control Systems (in Russian)
  • Control Systems of Motion and Navigation (in Russian)
  • Information Systems and Technologies (in Russian)
  • Aeronautical Control Systems (in english)

Flying Vehicles Radio Electronics

  • Radio electronic systems and complexes (in Russian)
  • Communication technologies and systems (in Russian)
  • Information security of telecommunication systems (in Russian)
  • Information security (in Russian)
  • Radio technics (in Russian)
  • Design and technology of electronic communication (in Russian)

Engineering Economics

  • Economics (in Russian)
  • Applied Informatics (in Russian)
  • Management (in Russian)
  • Informatics and Computer Science (in Russian)

Astronautical Engineering

  • Rocket technology and cosmonautics (in Russian)
  • Life support systems, rescue and protection of spacecraft (in Russian)
  • Flight dynamics and aircraft control (in Russian)
  • Rocket technology and cosmonautics (in english)
  • Biomedical engineering (in Russian)
  • Modeling and operations research in technical and organizational systems (in Russian)
  • Dynamics and mechanical strength (in Russian)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) (in Russian)
  • Design and manufacture of products made from composite materials (in Russian)

Robotics & Intellegent Systems

  • Integrated Aircraft Systems (in Russian)

Applied Mathematics and Physics

  • Applied Mathematics(in Russian)
  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics (in Russian)

Applied Mechanics

  • Biotechnical systems and technologies (in Russian)
  • Applied Informatics (in Russian)
  • Aircraft and Rocket Production (in Russian)
  • Design, manufacture and operation of rockets and rocket-space systems (in Russian)
  • Applied Mechanics (in Russian)

Social Engineering

  • Social management for high-tech industries (in Russian)
  • Business Marketing Management (in Russian)


ProgramAcademic year(s) Annual cost, $ Total cost, $
Preparatory faculty (russian language, mathematics, physics, technical drawing) 1 × 2 500 = 2 500
Bachelor's (russian medium) 4 × 3 600 = 14 400
Bachelor's (english medium) 4 × 6 000 = 24 000
Master's (russian medium) 2 × 4 000 = 8 000
Master's (english medium) 2 × 6 000 = 12 000
PhD (russian medium) 4 × 6 000 = 24 000
Doctoral's (russian medium) 4 × 6 000 = 24 000
* Also required to pay an administrative fee of €210

Dormitory ($1080 per Academic year)

MAI provides living accommodation for students. The dormitory is situated in a nice district located approximately thirty minutes from the campus. Students are provided with two or three bed rooms in a modern apartment building.

Health service

Three special Recreation Centers (two near Moscow and one on the Black Sea) are available for weekend rest and vacation with special discounts available for students. The outpatients’ clinic is located on campus and is available for international students who are insured with a Russian insurance company.

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