Michurinsk Agrarian University

Michurinsk is situated in a unique geographical area rich with chernozemic soil.
Besides MichGAU, the city has 2 major research institutes: VNIIS; VNIIG and SPR.
In 2011, MichGAU merged with Michurinsk State Pedagogical Institute and two colleges, Agricultural College and the College of Food Industry.
In 1931, MichGAU was founded as a Horticultural Institute named after I. V. Michurin.
For a long time it was the only institution in the country training in the field of fruit and vegetable growing.
In 1994, the institute was awarded a status of Agricultural Academy.
In 1999, the Academy received a status of a university.
Today, the university is proud to have:
- 9000 students training in 32 programmes of higher vocational education and 15 programmes of secondary vocational education;
- 150 graduate students conducting research in 22 areas;
- 500 faculty members, including:
- 60 professors, Doctors of Science;
- 300 associate professors, Candidates of Science;
There are three Candidate and Doctoral Dissertation Councils working at the university.
- Bachelor's degree:
(4 years of studies)
Admission requirements: USE, comprehensive exam for foreign students in major subjects, demonstrated knowledge of the Russian language
- Master's Degree
(2 years of studies) Entrance exam consists of a comprehensive exam in major subjects.
Within a Bachelor’s Programme:
- 1-2 years – courses on general subjects, 3-4 years – courses on major subjects;
- Academic year is comprised of two semesters, each semester ends with examination session;
- State examination and defense of the Bachelor’s thesis at the end of the study period.
Programs for international students:
- Preparatory course in a foreign language (1 year)
- 32 programmes of professional training
- MichGAU trains 49 students from the neighboring countries, Nigeria and China.
International relations:
- Joint Master’s Programme “Master of Food and Agribusiness” (FH Anhalt – Germany);
- “Food Production, Safety and Nutrition” (Sefotech.Nut – Erasmus Mundus consortium);
- Scientific internships at universities in Germany (FH Anhalt, Hohenheim University).
Agrarian University is one of the major and leading scientific and educational centers for the training of specialists who are up-to-date and prepared to work in agricultural sector of Tambov Region, Central Black Earth Region and other constituent units of the Russian Federation. 
Today, the university:
- provides 21 Bachelor’s and 9 Master’s programmes of higher vocational education, 
• Ecology and Environment Management
• Teacher Education
• Psychology and Pedagogical Education
• Economics
• Management
• State and Municipal Management
• Business and Commerce
• Merchandise Knowledge
• Agrochemistry and Soil Science
• Agronomy
• Gardening
• Agricultural Engineering
• Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products
• Animal Science
• Land Management and Land Cadastres
• Operation of Transport and Technological Machines and Complexes
• Standardization and Metrology
• Biotechnology
• Landscape Architecture
• Technology of Production and Management of Public Catering
• Technosphere Safety
9 Master’s programmes:
• Economics
• Management
• State and Municipal Management
• Business and Commerce
• Agrochemistry and Soil Science
• Agronomy
• Gardening
• Agricultural Engineering
• Animal Science
University carries out fundamental and applied research in a wide range of scientific fields;
- It improves the system of continuing education, including pre-university education, higher education, post-graduate education, qualification upgrading and retraining.
Michurinsk State Agrarian University is a unique higher educational institution in Russia. It is mostly characterized by specialties and specializations covering the entire agricultural sector. For example, the Horticultural and Technological institutes prepare agronomists, livestock specialists receiving original products, technologists skillful in methods of product processing, and commodity experts responsible for the product quality inspection. Product sales are left to businessmen. Engineering support of production processes will be provided by the graduates from the Faculty of Engineering, while organization and management will be done by economists, agribusiness managers and financial experts graduating from the Faculty of Economics.
In recent years, new programmes have been opened: State and Municipal Management at the Faculty of Humanities, Electrification and Automation of Agriculture, Safety of Technological Processes and Production, Standardization and Certification at the Faculty of Engineering, Land Management and Land Cadasters at the Faculty of Agronomics. It enables the university to train specialists in almost all the spheres of production in agriculture and to meet the current social demand. Nowadays, highly qualified managers of the state structures and electrical engineers for public utilities are just as important for the state as agronomists and economists are. In today’s world, problems of industrial safety move from the social to the socio-economic sphere which has a great impact on business results of a company. Therefore, we suggest that now and in the future there will continue to be a great need for highly qualified specialists in safety of technological processes and production. Against the context of incredible growth of land and real estate market, training in land management is getting more and more popular. The label “compliant with standards” and “certified” on any product packaging wins our trust in an instant. In today’s Russia everything – from toothpicks to aircraft carriers – has to be certified and checked for compliance with standards. Experts on standards and certification are becoming more and more in demand.
Promotion of agribusiness products and services on contemporary market cannot do without professional image makers and PR specialists who develop advertising campaigns and establish networks with customers. I the job of the graduates from Public Relations, the new specialty opened in Michurinsk University.
Michurinsk Agrarian University is also characterized by its adherence to tradition. Our university attaches great importance to succession of generations of our students and teachers. 
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