Aviation and Pilot Courses on a priority

This February, the officials of EduRu undertook yet another important trip to the great river Volga-this time to the city of Ulyanovsk. The purpose of this trip was to establish contacts with the two higher education institutions in the city - the Ulyanovsk State University and Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School.

The Universities of Volgograd partner with EduRu

EduRu’s Director, Biplob Saha visited Volgograd for a meeting with the Governing body of Volgograd State Technical University on February 12, 2013-05-26.

On the border of Europe and Asia

On December 7 representatives of EduRu visited another great city in Russia - Orenburg. They signed an agreement for cooperation with the Rector of the Orenburg State Institute of Management. The Managing Director and the Director for Students’ Affairs who had undertaken this trip returned with extremely fond memories.

Autumn in St. Petersburg

In November 2012, the Managing Director of EduRu, Mr Gabelyuk Y N EduRu’s Director for Students’ Affairs, Mr Biplob Saha visited the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg. During their two-day visit to the city they had discussions on partnership with four major Universities in the city.

Visit Pre-Baltic

On November 28, 2012 EduRu’s representative for the Baltic states, Volchina Anna visited one of the Baltic States – the Republic of Latvia. The purpose of this trip was to meet with the chairman of the ‘Russian Society’ – Tatyana Alexandrovna Tabor to discuss mutual cooperation. About 40% of the population in Latvia is ethnically Russian and ‘Russian Society in Latvia’ was founded in 1996 to support the Russian culture, language and traditions in Latvia. The ‘Russian Society’ has a learning center where high school students are trained to enter Russian Universities. Despite the decrease in Russian school age children due to the large-scale migration to Europe, “Russian Society’ continues to support compatriots.

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