RUDN strenght

RUDN University is:

  • International standards of education aimed at training highly-skilled professionals, able to work successfully in different countries of the world.
  • Multilevel education system «Bachelor — Master — Ph.D» and a credit system of studies allow the RUDN students to obtain European Diploma Supplements in 5 foreign languages and to participate in academic exchanges with other universities around the globe;
  • Intensive studies of foreign languages giving the opportunity to obtain a qualification of an interpreter (often in 2-3 foreign languages) alongside the major qualification.
  • A vast choice of additional education programs (more than 750 options) and a possibility to obtain a second university degree.
  • All types of postgraduate training (postgraduate studies, doctorate studies, clinical residency, internship residency, on-job training).
  • Wide opportunities of exchange studies and on-job training for students and postgraduates; joint master’s programs with leading universities of Europe, the USA, China and the CIS, giving the opportunity to receive an additional diploma from a leading foreign university.
  • Multiethnic community of teachers, students and postgraduates representing more than 450 nationalities from more than 140 countries worldwide.
  • Modern infrastructure that is well adjusted to life, studies, sports and arts activities:
  • research library and specialized libraries at faculties;
  • sports and health centre with 4 football fields, 6 outdoor and 8 indoor tennis courts; the centre hosts more than 30 various sports classes;
  • more than 30 art courses and classes are based in the «Interclub» centre;
  • computer clubs and rooms, Wi-Fi network at the faculties;
  • television and Internet available in all University hostels; news of the PFUR are prepared by students and broadcast on «TV RUDN» channel round the clock;
  • a wide range of national and international restaurants, student cafes and canteens, and shops in each of the PFUR 12 hostels, accommodating more than 7,5 thousand students and postgraduates;
  • a police station and the University security service in the campus, as well as private security agencies operating in all University buildings;
  • electronic system of round-the-clock surveillance (more than 2000 camcorders) and electronic visitor pass systems in all University buildings.
  • The University Program «Students’ Heath» implemented by the departments of the Medical faculty and the faculty of Refresher training for health care professionals. RUDN hosts Policlinic No. 25 with an in-patient department, and has its own Medical centre, based in the Policlinic. Both are equipped with modern technologies and employ high-skilled medical staff.
  • All students undergo annual medical check-ups allowing timely diagnostics and prevention of illnesses and disorders.
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