Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School

Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School is the oldest and largest civil aviation training institution in Russia.  The school traces its history back to 1935, when courses of higher flight training were organised at the first joint school of pilots and aircraft technicians. In 1947 these courses were reorganized into a school of higher flight training.  In the early 60s, the school started work on the development of the first civil jet aircraft TU-104. 
In November 1955, starting with aviation specialists from East Germany, the Ulyanovsk school began training crew from foreign countries. Since 1957, the school has been training crews from several countries in large numbers.
In 1973, the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School was awarded the Order of Lenin for its contributions in the development of air transport and implementation of new techniques in the training of flight personnel. The School became the Centre for training of technical and supervisory staff from all Member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. In the period 1980-85, over 15000 aviation professionals from 40 countries have been trained at the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School. On its 50th Anniversary in 1985, the Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples.
Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School is currently training cadets from several countries like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Angola, Iran, Syria and North Korea and is offering training in the following courses:
162001.65.01 The Organization of Flight Operations (Qualification ‘Specialist’) 
162001.65.02 Airspace Management (Qualification ‘Specialist’)
161000.62.8   Search and Rescue Aircraft Maintenance (Qualification ‘Bachelor’) 
161000.62.9   Aviation Safety (Qualification ‘Bachelor’) 
221400.62.01 Quality Management in Production and Process Systems (Qualification ‘Bachelor’) 
280700.62.2   Safety in Production Processes (Qualification ‘Bachelor’) 
80500.62   Management (Qualification ‘Bachelor’)
080200.62.6   Production Management (Qualification ‘Bachelor’)
162700.4   Management of Jet Fuel Supply (Qualification ‘Bachelor’)  
The Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School offers training to private pilots, navigators and flight engineers and issues Diploma of Vocational training in ‘Flight Operation of Aircraft’.
Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School also offers retraining to crew members of the following aircrafts: members TU-204-100, TU-204-100B, TU-204-100E, TU-204C, TU-204CE, TU-204-120/120S, TU -204-120CE, TU-214, TU-204-300 and their modifications, TU-154B-2, TU-154, TU-134A(B), AN-124-100 and its modifications, the AN-26, AN- 26-100 and their modifications, AN-24, AN-2, IL-86, IL-76T(TD), IL-62M and its modifications, YAK-42, YAK-40, YAK-18 and its modifications, the M- 101T, DA42 and its modifications.
The retraining of aircraft crew is offered in the following fields: 
Training in human factors (CRM); 
Training in Applications of satellite navigation systems (SNS, GPS, KLN); 
Training to fly under the action of the Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM); 
Training for flights within the European region using the methods of area navigation (B-RNAV, including the P-RNAV); 
Training in collision avoidance systems (TCAS); 
Training to usage of ground proximity warning EGPWS (EGPWS, TAWS); 
Training in accident prevention category ALA / SFIT; 
Training in international transport regulations for air transport of dangerous goods 
Rescue Training in Water
Training to perform flight notification procedure for use of the air space of the Russian Federation
Training of pilots for commissioning as Pilot-In-Command (PIC) 
Training of Crew on aircrafts equipped with digital display  
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