Ulyanovsk State University

Ulyanovsk State University is the newest university in the city of Ulyanovsk.  Its history dates back to February 1988 with the adoption of a Resolution by the Council of Ministers to open a branch of the Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk.  In December 1995, by the Decree of President Boris Yeltsin, this branch of the Moscow State University in Ulyanovsk was transformed into Ulyanovsk State University.
USU combines classic university traditions with the latest trends in educational systems worldwide and innovative activities in the field of technology. USU is instrumental in the formation of moral, scientific and cultural values of the society by imparting high quality training for the development of key sectors of economy and social infrastructure in the region.
Ulyanovsk State University is one of the leading universities in the Volga region and is an active participant in several projects in the field of advanced technology. It is involved in research in the field of nanotechnology and has created a Center of Nanotechnology. The university has accumulated a solid base of theoretical and practical data in the field of nanotechnology and shares these data with partners in other cities. 
 Ulyanovsk State University is positioning itself as a higher education institution for healthy lifestyle.  The university has an institute of medicine, ecology, and physical training allowing scientists to consolidate their efforts in the implementation of large-scale projects and interdisciplinary research.  Healthcare courses itself unite  over 15 schools of USU composed of more than 80 doctors and 350 candidates of sciences.  The results of comprehensive research in the field of radiation materials science, laser physics and nanotechnology are completely focused on solving challenges in medicine, healthcare, biology, chemistry, ecology, environmental management, physical training and sports. 
The pride of the university is its students.  The Ulyanovsk State University has everything to create a great university atmosphere: spacious classrooms, dining rooms, access to the latest information technology and modern laboratories. For students truly passionate about science, USU has a postgraduate program where students can continue training in 60 specialties, internship and residency. 
Today Ulyanovsk State University is a landmark in the city of Ulyanovsk. The present campus built on the Sviyagi Waterfront has beautiful parks, lawns and fountains. The twenty-year old history of the university confirms the well-known theory that we live in an era that demands great powers of creativity and the desire to move towards development and self-improvement. 
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